The MuDeFri’s icon in Via Mercatovecchio, Udine

Via Mercatovecchio - Udine , paved with Piasentina stone, is the best background to place the MuDeFri's logo! UDINE DESIGN WEEK of exhibitions and meetings that open up the fascinating world of design to everyone. Protagonists are shops, companies, designers. This year's theme is NATURALLY ARTIFICIAL, ARTIFICALLY NATURAL "Nature is rediscovered with the eyes of innovation. Human and technological come together in a relationship that no longer opposes man and technology, but unites them. "

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  • Via Mercatovecchio, Udine

    Via Mercatovecchio - Udine has been officially reopened! The Lavariano band brought a touch of joy and celebration to the city center for the completion of the project and the reopening of Via Mercatovecchio. The most characteristic street of the city has finally been returned to the Locals of Udine. After the reconstruction of the sewer system, the aqueduct and the technological networks, the new, completely pedestrianized street seems to please everyone.

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