Piasentina stone washbasin exposed in Cividale

“The Territoy Window”

The municipality of Cividale del Friuli wanted to dedicate two rooms of the Monastero of Santa Maria in Valle to the project “Vetrina del territorio”. Will be exposed agri-food products, artistic crafts, but also different products that tell the specificities of the area and its history. Including a Piasentina stone washbasin that the Consortium asked to expose. The inauguration of the initiative “Vetrina del territorio” is planned for the 26th June and the exhibit will continue during all the year and those to come.

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  • Saint Lucia 2019

    Saint Lucia is also remembered in Torreano where, on 13 December as usual, the Consorzio Produttori Pietra Piasentina together with the associated companies meets to celebrate the patron saint of stonemasons, considered and celebrated as the Saint of light. The program includes the celebration of a mass in the church of Torreano at 11.30; will follow the greetings from the authorities and the delivery of merits to the elderly stonemasons . This year, falls the 90th anniversary of a particular photo, which portrays the stonemasons who emigrated from Torreano to the granite quarries near Saint Sulpice le Guérétois, a Franch municipality with which Torreano has a far-sighted friendship, remembered just a year ago with the inaugural ceremony of the elementary school, which bears the mark of the Torreano's stonecutters with a flooring at the entrance and a sculpture donated to the institute.

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