Technical Characteristics

Piasentina stone is a sedimentary calcareous rock of secondary origin, generated by gravitational processes triggered by tectonic movements of the earth’s crust. This Eocenic breccia is characterised by its exceptional qualities of compactness, resistance, and water inhibition. These important specificities make it ideal for any type of realisation and use, both internally and externally.

The appearance of Piasentina stone is grey in colour, with light white veining and small coloured flashes tending to brown. It responds to different surface working with slight chromatic changes, ranging from the light grey of the sawn surface, to a dark grey after polishing, thus enabling different aesthetic combinations to be achieved through the utilisation of the same material.

No other type of stone can be truly comparable to Piasentina, which lends itself to any kind of use, from building cladding to the creation of design objects and art works.

Piasentina stone has also been awarded the CE "European Collective Mark", which ensures the geological and mechanical characteristics, petrographic constitution, and provenance and authenticity.